Book Database

This database is a project started in 2011 with the intent to catalogue the entire store and make our huge range of second- hand books easily available to our avid readers. We now have over 40 thousand books searchable with more been added every day! If you find something you like, please contact us and we will happily confirm stock levels, put the book to the side or mail it to you for our international customers.

*Please note using short terms such as the authors last name will return better results.
About The Store

Guildford Book Exchange is located in the heart of Guildford, Western Australia. The store has been running for over 20 years and has something for any hungry bookworm looking for a feast.

The store has a huge range of books, from sci-fi to classics and cooking. There is a title for every hungry reader, come and find the treasure you’re looking for.

We can also put a request in place for books you may want.

Book Database
The database was implemented in 2011 to give our users the ability to search all the stock within the store. With over 40k+ books searchable we are working on making the experience as smooth as possible.
What Can We Do For You?
The aim of Guildford Book Exchange online is to give you more, easier access to the wide range of books that we have available.
General Information
The store has a database that you are welcome to search, we are also selling online so please feel free to have a browse. Should you wish to purchase online we currently accept Credit Card, PayPal or we can hold it for you to collect. Otherwise, you may send an e-mail, call or come into the store which is open 6 days a week. Currently, the store is for Australia only and the online prices include shipping cost. IN THE ONLINE STORE ITS JUST A CLICK TO BUY AND POSTAGE WITHIN AUST IS INC *Note in store credit can not be used online!* Books can be sent anywhere in the world but this needs to be arranged over the phone and postage fees will apply.
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