About Us

Who are we?

All the staff are avid readers and book lovers with different areas of interest. It is our pleasure to talk books with you, and if you like, offer recommendations.

Our children’s book area has books and chairs for relaxing and toys for playing with.

Chairs are placed throughout the store for your usage to relax and read or if just waiting for someone.

The Guildford Book Exchange hosts another store within the premises: a music store “Grooves That Move”. This store sells second hand and new records, cassettes and cd’s. You can also order record needles.

About Our Services

Guildford Book Exchange offers a huge range of second hand books in store and online.

Our searchable database is of stock that is currently on the shelves and ready for purchase, If you find something you are after do not hesitate to contact us and we can put the book to the side or have it delivered to you anywhere in the world. 

Exchanging books

Do we exchange books? Sure, we exchange for in store credit that can be used on a range of books (Please contact the store for conditions on in store credit)

We do reject exchanging, hey who needs 20 copies of 50 shades of grey (like really). 

 The number of books to be exchanged at any one time is limited to 2 bags (not garden bags) and 2 boxes (one that can be picked up by a human without super strength).

We accept donations and will make sure they go to good homes and in some cases donated to worthy causes of our choosing. 

If you do have a large number of books to get rid of, please contact us to discuss is some arrangements can be made (showing up with a truck load of books will not only make us sad but more than likely get you turned away).

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